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Tribunals and Rules Governing Suspended Members

The NSWIHA Inc. Tribunal is comprised of three or more persons selected by the Committee, one of whom shall be appointed Chairman.

Suspension periods for breaching the rules or misconduct are determined by IHNSW Tribunal Panel and where sufficient grounds exist, may be subject to an appeal to the Tribunal Panel and ultimately to Ice Hockey Australia. Refer to Schedule of Offences in Appendix A of the IHNSW Handbook and By-Laws for Special General Meeting/2007 AGM for full details. A suspended player cannot play in any game whatsoever until the suspension has been served as per the following criteria:

  • The first consecutive scheduled inter-club competition game(s) in the team & grade in which the suspension was received.
  • Exhibition games do not count for the serving of suspensions.
  • A double point game only counts for one game when serving a suspension.
  • Unless determined otherwise by the Tribunal Panel and subject to club approval, a suspended player may continue training with his or her team.

The sole responsibility for the scheduling of games is with the Playing Operations Director, subject to the scrutiny of the Committee of Management. Games must not be re-scheduled for the convenience of a suspended player.

A player that receives a 'Game Misconduct' in the last half of the third period, or any overtime period of a game, is automatically suspended for the next game. The referee and team manager must notify the player of this.

A player that is reported as receiving a 'Match Penalty' or any other major offence above a 'Game Misconduct', will received the automatic suspension time or tribunal and automatic suspension time, as stipulated n the IHNSW Schedule of Offences and Automatic Suspensions.

A player and his/her club will be notified officially as to the suspension received. It is then the responsibility of the player to notify the INHSW Executive Officer when he/she has served his/her suspension time as outlined in the notification letter sent.

Any player that receives five major penalties (i.e., 5 minutes or longer) in a season, will be required to appear before the Tribunal Panel and will be ineligible to play in any future games until this takes place. The will be monitored by the Statistician.

If a player receives a suspension in his/her team's last scheduled game of the season, the suspension may be served in any other grade's scheduled game in which he/she has played seven games or more in the current season. However, suspensions that cannot be served as the end of a season carry forward to the following season. Semi finals and finals are counted as part of the suspension period if applicable to the individual player.

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