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Ice Hockey New South Wales Handbook

 7 - Special Game Rules Relating To Particular Grades

Special Rules for East Coast Super League


The usual transfer rules apply from a player's existing club. See the Interclub Transfers Section of the IHNSW Handbook.

Players whom wish to play in this League must be prepared to be drafted to a team outside their traditional club structure. This does not apply to Northstars ECSL players.

This League is regarded as NSW Premier Full Contact Senior A league.

At the start of each season each ECSL team will be required to demonstrate that they can provide separate scorekeeper, timekeeper and penalty box attendant for each home game. This will be done by submitting the names of suitably registered people to the ECSL committee.

To secure a place on an ECSL team players will be required to sign an ECSL Player Contract and pay the first tranche of fees. Failure to complete these requirements in a timely manner could lead to a player's roster position being made available to another player.

ECSL players are not permitted to play for another ECSL team in the same season (goalies excluded) without first being formally released from their current team.

The only exception to the above is Sydney-based teams travelling to Newcastle. In this case teams are now required to travel with a minimum of 10 players to Newcastle. Should a team be unable to supply 10 players they may, with written permission from the ECSL Committee, draw upon players from other Sydney-based teams to make up the shortfall. Newcastle teams travelling to Sydney cannot draw players from other ECSL teams as the Northstars' player roster is larger than the Sydney team's rosters and hence more resilient to player shortfalls.

Player Draft and Team Roster:

Prior to the start of each season ECSL will hold tryouts. On completion of the tryouts a player draft will be held with each team taking a turn to select new players for vacant positions on their roster. The details of the rules of the draft are documented separately and will be distributed to each team prior to tryouts.

After the draft, and up until an ECSL team has played 10 games in the current season, a team may make changes to their roster. These changes need to be voted on by the ECSL Committee and a nominated representative from each team. Once a team has played 10 games for the season their roster is frozen.

Temporary Substitute Players:

In past seasons, in order to fill temporary team vacancies ECSL has allowed teams to bring up players from the Senior League competition. These players were restricted to playing a maximum of 3 games in ECSL.

For season 2014 this same rule applies, however the pool of substitute players will now also be open to age-eligible players currently participating in the IHNSW Midget league. Teams must give priority to Midget-aged substitute players over Senior League players.

A team must seek permission from the ECSL Executive Committee for each game they wish to play a temporary substitute player.

Midget-aged players will be required to have completed a playing-up form before they can play up to ECSL. Please also refer to the section on Age Eligibility and League Priority below for other rules applying to Midget-aged players.

A temporary substitute player from Senior League can only play a maximum of 3 games in ECSL. A temporary substitute player from Midget League can play an unlimited number of games up in to ECSL.

Temporary play-ups must be filling a genuine temporary vacancy in the team - ie, taking the place of a full-time roster player who is temporarily unavailable.

Temporary play-ups are not considered to be part of any team, either for the current season, or when it comes to that player participating in the draft in subsequent seasons.

Temporary play-up players can only be used in regular rounds. They cannot play in the ECSL Finals Series.

Temporary play-ups will pay $25/game for each game they play in ECSL.

If the temporary player is a goalie then teams may apply to the ECSL Executive Committee for special exemption to the 3 game rule if no other goalies are available.

Game Format:

Each game will comprise three, twenty minute running time periods, with the last five minutes of the game stop time. There will be one ice?cut after period two.

Age Eligibility and League Priority

Any players aged 23 and over who play more than three games up into the AIHL will not be permitted to return to the ECSL until the following season. ECSL players under the age of 23 are permitted to play unlimited games up into the AIHL.

Minimum age for ECSL is players turning 17 in the current season. Ie, 2nd year Midget and up.

Midget-aged players participating in both the Midget and ECSL leagues must play their Midget games as priority whenever there is a clash of game times between the 2 leagues. Any team who breaches this rule will be regarded as playing an illegal or ineligible player. Refer to the separate IHNSW Handbook section titled "Penalties for Playing a Suspended, Illegal or Ineligible Player" for the appropriate penalty.

Team Officials

All ECSL teams with a player (or players) under the age of 18 must have a minimum two non?playing officials on the bench at each game, including an accredited Coach and an adult Manager with at least NPO (non-playing official) registration.

ECSL teams where all players are 18 or over are required to have an adult manager on the bench for each game. The team must also have an accredited coach, but in the case where there are no under 18 year old players on the team the Coach can also be a player as long as his first priority is to leave the ice in the case of an incident that requires assistance.

The designated coach and manager must also be listed on the game sheet as such.

Playoff Eligibility:

Full-time rostered ECSL players and goalies must have played a minimum of 7 ECSL games to be eligible for playoffs. Players and goalies who participate in either the Midget or AIHL leagues as a priority, must have played a minimum of 7 games in their priority league and minimum of 5 games in ECSL to be eligible for playoffs. The IHNSW website and AIHL website will be the used as the information source for games played in other leagues.

Finals Format

Each team will be home for one game; therefore that team will be responsible for game pucks, nets, scorekeepers and timekeepers for that game.

Players who are un-financial will not be entitled to play in the final series; a list will be released to all team managers, in the week leading up to the finals.

The ECSL plays a 20 game season with 2 game semi-final series, drawn regular time playoff games are determined by overtime not penalty shoot outs.

There will be a 5 minute warm up time, the clock will begin immediately counting down at the scheduled time as per IHNSW Guidelines.

There will be 3, 20 minute running time periods, with the last 5 minutes of the game stop time. There will be one ice?cut after period two.

Should any teams be on equal points at the end of the regular season, a count back will be decided by ECSL in conjunction with IHNSW and the finals birth will be awarded to the winner of those two teams. I.E in 2012 The Raptors & Heat were tied for 4th place. On count back it was deemed the Raptors defeated the Heat twice and drew once throughout the season, so the Raptors were awarded the 4th position and entry into the 2012 ECSL Finals Series.

The ECSL Semi Finals have been a cumulative aggregate based series, therefore the scores that are recorded the first game carry over to the second game. (Example) If team A win 4?2 in game one, then team B must score 3?0 in game 2 to win the series. Similar to previous years the score from Game 1 is put up on the scoreboard at the beginning of Game 2. If at the end of Game 2 the score is tied then the game will go into sudden death overtime until a winner is declared.

The ECSL Grand Final series is not aggregate but rather a best out of 3 game series. The first team to win 2 games will be declared ECSL Champions. If the series is tied 1 game apiece and game 3 is tied at the end of regulation time then the game will go into sudden death overtime until a winner is declared.

Financial Status

Players who have not fully paid all their ECSL fees by the end of the season will be declared unfinancial and the League will apply to IHNSW to have these players prevented from partaking in any IHA or IHNSW-sanctioned activities until the outstanding amount is paid in full. These sanctioned events include AJIHL, sanctioned summer-league competitions, sanctioned exhibition games, plus any other sanctioned hockey activities.

At the start of each season, players who have participated in the AJIHL and who have not paid all their AJIHL fees in full will not be allowed to participate in the ECSL competition until their outstanding fees are paid. For application of this rule ECSL will rely on being notified in writing by AJIHL of unfinancial players.

Any team who breaches this rule will be regarded as playing an illegal or ineligible player. Refer to the separate IHNSW Handbook section titled "Penalties for Playing a Suspended, Illegal or Ineligible Player" for the appropriate penalty.

Rule Interpretation

Where there is doubt or uncertainty over the meaning of any rule under which ECSL operates then the arbiter will be determined as follows.

  1. Where the rule is one that applies broadly to all IHNSW leagues then the IHNSW Committee will be called upon to clarify the rule.
  2. Where the rule is specific to ECSL then the current ECSL Executive Committee will provide clarification.