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1954 Goodall Cup Series Poster

Each month Ice Hockey New South Wales will submit an extract from "Ice Hockey: The NSW Ice Hockey, Association Inc. Australia - Facts and Events 1907-1999". The information was written by Syd Tange and contains stories about players, officials tournaments, the NSW Ice Hockey Association and Austrlian Ice Hockey Federation. Other people that contributed to the publication are:

Editor:Rob Scheer
Computer Formatting:Barry Robinson
First Pubilshed:1999
Photographs:Geoffrey Thorne, Sydney Tange, Don Rowston, Rob Dewhurst, Roy Philpot, Harry Cameron, Barry Robinson, Trish Brogan & Sean Thompson.


Life Members

Ice Hockey NSW would like to acknowledge the valued support of all of its members, especially those honoured with 'Life Membership', who have dedicated an enormous amount of time to developing the sport for many years.

Year Honoured Life Member

1933 Dunbar Poole

1934 Norman Josephs

1935 Carl Kerr

1938 Ted McCabe

1941 Harold Hobin

1947 Frank Harvey

1951 James Brown

1954 Kenneth Kennedy

1960 Syd Tange

1964 Harry Cameron

1974 Roy Philpot

1979 Sandy Dahl

1980 Sub Majsay

1995 John Wilson

1999 Wayne Hellyer

2012 Tim McMahon

2012 Jeffrey Scott

2012 Ken Lambert


New South Wales Ice Hockey Association Inc. Trading as 'Ice Hockey NSW'

The game of Ice Hockey in New South Wales is played under the rules and regulations of the International Ice Hockey Federation, the Australian Ice Hockey Federation and the New South Wales Ice Hockey Association Inc., now trading as Ice Hockey NSW.

The playing rules of the current IIHF Rule Book apply, unless otherwise stated. IHNSW publishes a handbook that is revised each year, specific to the game of Ice Hockey in NSW. The Handbook is forwarded to all affiliated Club Secretaries for registered members and can also be read in HTML format and downloaded in .pdf format from our website Handbook page.

The NSW Ice Hockey Association Inc. carries the sole responsibility for the conduct of all officially sanctioned games of Ice Hockey in New South Wales.

These rules are enforceable under the Constitution and By Laws of the New South Wales Ice Hockey Association Inc., as approved by the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading.

Elected Executive Office Bearers for 2014 as of the 2013 AGM Held on the 24th November 2013

President: Steve Ransome
VP: Jimmy Dufour
Secretary: Tim Flynn (Vacancy filled 17/4/2014)
Treasurer: Keven Ross

Elected Ordinary members to the IHNSW Committee of Management Elected at the 2013 AGM on Sunday November 24th 2013

Dawn Watt
Mark Stephenson
Paul Kelly

Other Contacts

EO: Emily Luke executiveofficer@nswicehockey.com.au